Sunday, February 24, 2013

More color - the secondary colors

Today’s blog will discuss the meaning of purple (violet), green, and orange.  These are called secondary colors.  Remember from elementary school how you made these colors from the primary colors? 
Red + yellow = orange
Blue + red = purple (violet)
Yellow + blue = green
Did you know that green
·         is a peaceful color
·         symbolizes nature
·         confers a sense of relaxation and comfort
·         represents health and prosperity
·         is the most well-liked color and the easiest color for the eye to see
·         suggests balance, harmony, growth, birth, wealth, compassion and security.
Did you know that purple
·         contains elements of surprise and magic
·         represents royalty
·         suggests romance, imagination, passion
·         suppresses appetite
·         is a feminine color; most little girls (and some big ones) love purple
·         is an artistic color
·         is a good choice for children’s rooms
Did you know that orange
·         shares qualities of reds
·         is friendly, cheerful, happy
·         acts as an antidepressant
·         is energetic
·         Share qualities of reds
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