Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This year's jewelry trends

Today I am going to share insights on one of my favorite subjects: jewelry. This year’s fashion jewelry aims to create a balance between luxury and affordable. There is also a trend for gender-neutral product, ethically sources and pop culture inspired. Many designers are using innovative materials, superior craftsmanship and ingenious designs.

V Jewellery are vintage inspired, they have great quality and are affordable. Here is a popular style: Lobe earrings.

WWAKE offer a modern perspective on heirloom jewelry and is ethically sourced.

Khai Khai connects the gap between fashion and fine jewelry by offering fun designs made from premium materials.

Ruifier combines superior craftsmanship and materials with innovative, witty design.

Most of the above brands are International, located in UK, and  they outline some of the main trends for this year. Designers around the world have their own interpretations of the above trends.

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