Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY- How to Make Your Own Lamp

Ever wondered if you could make your own lamp?  Well you can!  It's not too hard.  In fact, it's a project that my students do in their lighting class. 

All you have to do is purchase a lamp kit at your local hardware or big box store.  Here's one from Home Depot:

Westinghouse Make-A-Lamp Kit
Next you need to purchase your lamp base.  This could be just about anything.  Just make sure it is sturdy enough to stand on its own.  If needed, you can always fill it with marbles to make it sturdier.  I purchased a wooden vase.

Next drill a hole in the bottom to run the wire through.  If you are using a wine bottle, you may need a special drill bit so that you don't break it!  Also make sure the rod is long enough to run through the base.

Lamp Rod from Home Depot

Drill a hole in the bottom of the vase to run the wire through.

Here I notched out the edge in order for the lamp to sit up straight on the table.

Follow the instructions on the kit for wiring up your lamp.  You will want to make sure it is safe!

And finally my finished lamp:

Here is a lamp designed by Andrea Ottey.  Andrea is one of my students.  She used a glass candle stick for the base of the lamp.  She painted all the mechanicals and final a teal color to match the base of the lamp.  She topped off her finished lamp with a crisp white linen shade.

Her finished lamp:

What do you think?  Beautiful, isn't it?

There are some great step-by-step tutorials on the web.  Here is an excellent one you may want to check out from WikiHow:

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