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Artist Spotlight - Introducing Laura from PLANETDIGS2.

Welcome to our first edition of Artist Spotlight - The newest feature to our blog!  Here we will highlight fellow Etsy artists and give them an opportunity to share how they got their start, their successes, and the challenges that they face.  If you would like to be considered for this column or if you would like to recommend someone, please let either myself or Zoica know via Etsy convo. 
Our first Artist Spotlight focuses on to Laura from PLANETDIGS2.
Abalone spike LONG Boho Tribal Necklace
Laura, Tell us a little about yourself and your creative business:
I was a high school science teacher and recently had to retire due to health issues. I have degrees in Geology and other areas of science.  While in college I took many art classes including  pottery, drawing, and architecture. I use my art background and my knowledge of rocks and minerals when making my jewelry. Earth's history and its makeup is my passion. I draw inspiration from nature, organic and inorganic. I add that passion, my love of the earth and I blend it with my gypsy spirit. Those are the elements that culminate in to the thought process behind PLANETDIGS2.

Unique, LargePyrite Slab Necklace on Gunmetal Chain
Where do you get your inspiration?
I've always been creative. I started painting in oil and then acrylics when I was a child. Jewelry has been a weakness of mine, both buying jewelry and designing. 

This necklace was made of with an old "hippie" clay star, circa 1950's or earlier and a civil war skeleton key. Laura added star charms in solid brass, large beads of lapis-pyrite and spikes prehnite. It is a bold, very boho look.

How did you get your start?
In the 1980's, I started PLANETDIGS in my home making jewelry for family and friends, as well as myself.  A few years ago my home burned down and all was lost including my jewelry making supplies. Once resettled, I began to accumulate more jewelry supplies and in my spare time began to make jewelry again. Now that I am home, jewelry making has become a bigger part of my life. Friends encouraged me to open my Etsy shop, PLANETDIGS2. I offer handmade jewelry that has mixed metals, leather, natural gems, pearls and other medium. I'm always looking for new material to incorporate. I also offer hand painted cards in my shop and soon gift tags.

I also love interior decorating. My home is truly my haven. I love to help family and friends with their decorating endeavors.  I enjoy " fleamarketing " and estate sales; Thus the opening of my second shop on Etsy VINTAGEARTIFACTS2, I offer vintage jewelry, old books, patterns, etc.

What has been your biggest successful moment so far?
My "biggest" success has to be when buyers tell me they love my handmade jewelry.  How cool is that?!!! Knowing that someone in Germany, Canada, or somewhere in the USA is wearing my creation is so exciting to me.

What challenges do you face selling online?
The biggest challenge to online selling is getting noticed. Jewelry is a very competitive field. So, how do you get shoppers to choose your product over a competitor? Networking, joining teams, curating treasuries and hoping that people reciprocate. That is not always the case: however, since I don’t have control over that, I work with what I can. Also, by offering a wide variety of prices and a variety of items, you can widen your appeal to potential buyers.

Gypsy like for sure

Thank you Laura for sharing your shop and your background with us!

Well that about does it for this edition of our Artist Spotlight.  Don't forget you can recommend yourself or a friend for our next issue.  Just convo me or Zoica.  We'll let you know if you were chosen.

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