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Artist Spotlight - Shulamit Raanan

Welcome to another edition of Artist Spotlight.  This week's aretist is Shulamit Raanan.  Shulamit lives in Israel.  Her shop is called Shuli Designs.  Shulamit makes uniques handmade beads, artistic gifts, home décor, accessories, and jewelry using polymer clay.  Here is one of shulamit's beautiful items.

Tell us a little about yourself and your creative business.

I live in a small country community named Timrat in the lower Galilee in Israel with my husband and three wonderful kids.

I am a creative artist in nature since I can remember myself in the fields of painting, ceramics, paper works and graphic design. In the last few years I am fascinated with Polymer clay endless options to combine colors, shapes, designs and products using mainly the Millefiori technique that combines different surface textures. You might say I'm addicted.

I teach Art and Technology. I have a B.ed degree in Technology, Drama and Art and a Master's degree in Humanities.

I have an Etsy shop in which I display a variety of my original designs, products and supplies. Among them you can find Wall décor (love birds, owls, HAMSAs…), unique colorful spinning tops, rich variety of beads and more…

How did you get your start?

For many years I had been working with materials as an art teacher and always had the urge to prove to myself that I can promote my artistic ideas and capabilities to a professional and commercial level.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Living along the Mediterranean Sea and especially in the Middle East is very inspiring.

The colors of the sun and the sea, the green of the mountains and valleys alongside the yellow desert, the taste of wine, the smell of local spices, the cultural variation and the rich history of the region are all rooted in me.

Since I remember myself, I was inspired by our beautiful nature. I always had the passion to create with my hands and to experiment different crafts and materials. I am very optimistic by nature - That's why I have chosen to concentrate in Polymer clay designs which allow endless colors and shape combinations.

What has been your biggest successful moment so far?

 I have many big moments when I sale internationally on Etsy. I have customers all over the world most of them from the USA and Israel. My favorite customers are the returning customers that are happy with what they got and come back again to buy another piece. These customers give me a good feeling about myself and my art. Usually they feedback and tell me about the complements they get when wearing my necklaces, earrings and so on.  

What challenges do you face selling online?

Marketing and maintaining my business is the most difficult part of my work. It consumes a lot of time at the expanse of creating new designs. Promoting my designs in the social networks and on line requires time in front of the computer and in photographing and editing it for the media. 

What advice would you give someone just starting out on Etsy?

My best advice is persistence and consistency together with renewing the sources of inspiration from different art fields. To learn from one own mistakes which may lead to new ideas.  Never give up when things get tough and frustrating and believe in yourself. 

Thank you Shulamit for sharing your story with us today.  Want to see more of Shulamit?  You can visit Shulamit here:



Well that wraps up another edition of Artist Spotlight.  We try and run this column every Monday and we’re always looking for artists to spotlight.  So if you are interested or know someone that we’d enjoy reading about please pass on the information.
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