Monday, March 23, 2015

Artist Showcase - Custom Quilts by Eva

Welcome to this week's edition of Artist Showcase.  This week's artist is Eva of Custom Quilts by Eva.  Here is one of Eva's lovely items:

My passion is making customized interior decor and nursery textiles. Blankets, wall-hangings, pillows, throw-pillows, curtains, baby beddings, playmats, everything made for the customers, for them special needs. They could choose hundreds of different colors of textiles. Also can be done any motives, theme of the applications, what they like the best.

I started to do my quilts and patchwork bedding sets about 10 years ago. Absolutely love to do. It's something, what you can do day by day without doing the same job every day. It's an amazing craft, and I feel lucky, because every day a new challenge, thanks to my lovely customers. The best part of it, when they give me a positive feedback, and order some more pieces to complete the design of them home. It's a trust-based relationship between the client and me. Sometimes can be challenging, but the outcome always brilliant. My customers are so creative, never do the same piece.
Inspiration? Coming from the nature, from my childhood, with all the dreams, and hopes, what we all had. From the fairy tales, what granny was reading beside the bed. Its an endless material, i can work with.  Especially like to do nursery bedding sets. Our little babies are so special. As a Mom of three, I know, it is very important to make them living space nice, comfortable and safe and giving them a nice visual experience from the first day with all the different colours and shapes.

The greatest success is when I see my clients happy with the new items from my shop. When a colorful wall hanging, blanket, owl pillow, or puppet theater make them room improved, cozy, comfy, bright. And the parents are glad they have a nice environment to grow up.
Also some of my product are recognized by professional craft team, awarded based on the quality and design.

The business part of it always a big challenge. To make my shop more visible online, make easy access to place an order. It is a full time job. Over the years I'm much better create sides, use the internet, the latest techniques, the tips, what we share online with the Etsy Team. It is like a big family, support each other side by side.

If you only started on Etsy, concentrate to create a brand. Your very own brand, look, design, which is recognizable for the public. Try to build up a nice stock of your product. Be creative, use quality materials, focus on quality, not quantity! Make sure you have time for you customers, if they have concerns, make them clear, communicate with them, because they will make your business successful in the future.

Thank you Eva for sharing your story with us. Next week we'll select another Etsy artist to feature.  If you would like to be considered, drop me or Zoica a note via Etsy convo. 
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