Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Christmas Gift Tags

   Welcome to the Wednesday DIY project! Christmas is almost here and I hope you still have some gifts to wrap, so you can try these easy to make tags. You do not need to use Photoshop or to have a special cutting tool. If you have time, make them in advance and add more details to them. If you are in a hurry like me, here are some easy to make kind which could be made while wrapping.

   You would need plain tags( I bought  them in natural color because they have a more organic look), two sheets of “peel and stick” felt ( a red and a white), and ribbon from Michaels. You would have enough left for next year’s project or for birthday gifts tags later on.

    I made a snowman, by cutting two size circles and putting the last touches with markers. The tag is big enough to write a message on the back.

The other two are the shape of an ornament and one has an initial on it. Just create a shape on the back of the felt sheet, cut it and stick it on.

Have fun! Send me some pictures with your creations and I will post them here!

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