Monday, March 24, 2014

Artist Showcase - MaxPlanations

Welcome to another edition of Artist Spotlight, our regular Monday blog. 

Meet Princess from MaxPlanations.  She specializes in Travel photography, wine photography and wine themed items. Here is one of Princess’ gorgeous pieces.

Where do you get your inspiration?
My husband is a photographer who loves wine, or is that the other way around? Come travel THRU us! We have a variety of travel photography prints available in our shop, along with gifts for travelers wine lovers. Our shop is called ‘Maxplanations’. It is named after the way my husband has an explanation for everything. Photography is just another way of sharing your point of view…through pictures.

What has been your biggest successful moment so far?

I am starting to sell my items through a local bridal store in town. It’s a great partnership! I never thought that my items could be considered for wedding favors. You would be surprised who your target market is.

What challenges do you face selling online?

Reaching customers is an ongoing challenge. There's a lot of competition, so I research SEO and marketing strategies on a daily basis. I am also networking with local vineyards in Arizona to start selling my products. Keep networking. I have even made sales to individuals in the post office! I keep my business cards on me at all times.

What advice would you give someone just starting out on Etsy?

Do not think of your business as a hobby. If you do, you won't be successful. Once I realized that, our shop grew. In one year we made over 600 sales (60% of our sales in Nov and Dec alone). I quickly realized that our wine cork crafts and wine travel photography could turn into a successful business.

Thank you Princess for sharing your story with us. 

Well that wraps up another edition of Artist Spotlight.  We try and run this column every Monday and we’re always looking for artists to spotlight.  So if you are interested or know someone that we’d enjoy reading about please pass on the information.
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