Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 Design Trends

According to designer Jessica Kelly in an article in Style at Home the five biggest design trends for 2014 are:

Contrasting traditional with contemporary items -

Large scale patterns, particularly animal prints - Animal prints have been popular for a long time but this season they are larger and bolder than ever.

Antique mirrors - Mirrors have always been a great way to bring in the light.

Black and white - Always popular in fashion or interior design; this classic style is one of my favorites.  The color white symbolizes purity and black has always been the ultimate of sophistication.

Luxurious textures - What could be more luxurious than this rug?

Do you notice the one thing that all five pictures have in common?  They're all black and white! 

Here is some black and white artwork for your enjoyment.


So to sum it all up, you just can't go wrong with black and white.  Next week we'll talk about fashion trends.  I bet black and white fashion will be one of them!

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