Monday, December 22, 2014

The perfect jewelry for our favorite dress party

As a fashion designer I always appreciate the power of accessories. We all have a favorite dress- maybe a black one- that needs just the right shoes, bag and necklace to be the perfect choice for many occasions.
I love jewelry (like most women) and I always look for something unique and handmade if possible.
As the holidays are upon us and with them the parties with friends and family, here are some accessories that can turn that LBD into a winner.

A statement gold lace cuff by Inbarshahak:

And a set of cuffs from Paramithi 

A macrame necklace by PapachoCreations could be a great idea for the boho chic lover.

                                       Chrysocolla Macrame Necklace 

An one of a kind crochet necklace by gemsplusleather

Beaded necklace with brass scarab, swarovski, copper and malachite

These are just  a few of my picks. So next time you are in a store, pick up a classic and timeless black dress and trust yourself that would be perfect for the party, since you have the right accessories ;)

Until next time....

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