Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Free Wedding Anniversary Card Printables and Gift Ideas

Did you know that June is the most popular month of the year to marry, followed by August, July, May, and September.  The reasons for June being so popular go back to ancient times.  The Romans celebrated a festival to honor Juno, the wife of Jupiter and goddess of marriage and childbirth, on June first.

During the Middle Ages when hygiene was almost nonexistent, June was the month people took their yearly baths.  So a June wedding signified a good beginning!  Also, did you know that flowers were originally used to mask body odor.  Interesting!

Today June remains a popular choice for couples which means you may know someone who is getting married or having an anniversary.  I wanted to share some free anniversary cards with you today and then some gift ideas for that special couple.


Free Anniversary Cards

Retro Couple graphic courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.

Graphic courtesy of Antique Graphics. 
Picture courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.


Now for some gift ideas from our Etsy stores...

Here is a wonderful way to remember that special day.  Zoica can create a custom illustration of the wedding gown to enjoy and admire for years to come.  This makes a perfect gift for yourself or a special gift for the bride-to-be.  Just click on the pictures and you will be taken to our Etsy stores.
Here are some other gift ideas to remember that special day.  These are a great gift idea for yourself or for that special couple...
And here is a great idea to celebrate family...

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