Monday, December 29, 2014

Artist Showcase - Inbar Shahak

Todays featured artist is Inbar Shahak from Inbar Shahak. Inbar is a jewelry designer with a background in textile design.  Here is one of her lovely items:

How did you get your start?

I made my own wedding jewelry , I loved making the crochet needle work and I sold to some shops and friends around my home area…and that’s what I'm doing since 2006

Where do you get your inspiration?
From ancient crochet pattern and nature.

What has been your biggest successful moment so far?

Exhibiting in the Norton Art Museum in Florida.

Rose Gold Lace Bracelet

What challenges do you face selling online?
When a buyer spend their money on the internet, they really need to be able to feel the item, sometimes I get people tell me, oh it look even nicer then the photo…it's very hard to get the photos transfer the feeling and touch of the jewel. Also for a first time costumer sometimes they want to "take the risk" and try a smaller jewel before they know they can trust me and come back for the bigger ones.

Green Leaf Necklace

What advice would you give someone just starting out on Etsy?

Not to give up, some people think that if they post their items it is enough , but it's like having a real store in the street, once you organize it you need to make sure people will go in, and this part takes endless work, but it's well worth it so good luck.

Thank you Inbar for sharing your lovely jewelry with us.  If you would like to see more of Inbar's designs follow her on:

Next week we'll select another Etsy artist to feature.  If you would like to be considered, just drop me or Zoica a note via Etsy convo.
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Monday, December 22, 2014

The perfect jewelry for our favorite dress party

As a fashion designer I always appreciate the power of accessories. We all have a favorite dress- maybe a black one- that needs just the right shoes, bag and necklace to be the perfect choice for many occasions.
I love jewelry (like most women) and I always look for something unique and handmade if possible.
As the holidays are upon us and with them the parties with friends and family, here are some accessories that can turn that LBD into a winner.

A statement gold lace cuff by Inbarshahak:

And a set of cuffs from Paramithi 

A macrame necklace by PapachoCreations could be a great idea for the boho chic lover.

                                       Chrysocolla Macrame Necklace 

An one of a kind crochet necklace by gemsplusleather

Beaded necklace with brass scarab, swarovski, copper and malachite

These are just  a few of my picks. So next time you are in a store, pick up a classic and timeless black dress and trust yourself that would be perfect for the party, since you have the right accessories ;)

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Artist Showcase - Crochet Monkie

Welcome to this week's Artist Showcase.  This week's artist is Yvonne Wallace and her shop is CrochetMonkie.  Her items and patterns are awesome.  Here is one of her lovely items:

Tell us a little about yourself and your creative business.

I learned crocheting from my mother and my grandmother many years ago. As I was growing up I was very much on and off about it, but for the past few years I can't sit down in front of the tv, or sit down just to relax without grabbing my hook and yarn. The way I do my designs is that I have an image in my head and I try to create something from that image. It can be a lot of trying and failing before I am pleased with the result. When it comes to writing down the patterns I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I also spend a lot of time doing several quality checks. I always write my patterns in two different Languages so I need to be very focused not to make any mistakes. But I love this part of it too.

How did you get your start?

Since I was little I always loved drawing and painting. So for my education I chose illustration and graphic design and later on webdesign and e-business. Even though I spend a lot of my time drawing I also love crocheting and designing new patterns. After a while I had all these patterns written down and stored away, and it wasn't until relatively recently I realized I could share them with others. So that's how my business started. I was a bit nervous at first, but the feedback I got from people has been really positive and wonderful and that inspires me to keep doing what I do.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I find inspiration almost everywhere. When I walk around in town I look at people and what they are wearing and I often think: Could I crochet that? I also get very inspired by the seasons. Christmas, Easter and summer, the changes in weather and the colors in the nature at the time.

What has been your biggest successful moment so far?

My very first sale. I was so excited when the first order came a couple of days after I opened my shop. I didn't have that many items to begin with, so that first sale really boosted my confidence.

What challenges do you face selling online?

The one on one contact with the customer. I do my best to provide good customer service but there are many times I wish I could physically be there to talk to them, show them the actual items so they could get a better sense of what it looks or feels like.

What advice would you give someone just starting out on Etsy?

Be patient. There is a good chance you won't have immediate overnight success. Let people know about you and don't doubt yourself when things aren't going your way. Your hard work will pay off eventually. There are lots of people out there who thinks your creations are amazing, and if you can reach a few of them, they will pass the word on to others and your business will grow.
Thank you Yvonne for sharing your beautiful patterns and your story with us.  If you want to see more of Yvonne, check out her facebook page.
Next week we'll select another Etsy artist to feature.  If you would like to be considered, just drop me or Zoica a note via Etsy convo.
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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Crochet Christmas Finds!

Welcome to this Weekend Finds! This week’s theme was “Christmas trends” and we could not resist to the crochet finds by Iola from PetsSign. Her treasury is called “Christmas crochet” Iola makes unique crochet amigurumi and knitted soft toys and women accessories. If you are looking for a unique gift, stop by her shop.
 Here is one of her creations:


Christmas crochet

PATTERN: Christmas Elf - Amigurumi doll pattern - Crochet tutorial with photos (EN-056)
Christmas Tree, Crocheted Christmas Tree, Christmas decoration, Christmas ornament, green, striped, glass beads
3 Gnomes - pdf knitting patterns. Christmas Ornament. New Year Ornament.
Red knit gloves - mittens knitted arm warmers - red white women accessories - winter knitting snowflakes Scandinavian patterned gloves gift
Knitted baby dress and socks with jacquard, in red and off white. 100% wool. Ready to ship size 0/3 months.
CROCHET STOCKING PATTERN Instant Download Brighton Christmas Stocking
Made to order - Hand Knit Child Hat - Little
Red mittens, fingerless mitts , Women's Accessories, made by hands, hendmade, hand warmers, festive accessories, Christmas gift, Boho style,
10 Lace Crochet Snowflakes, Christmas Home Decor, Cristmas Ornament, Cristmas Gift, 10 Different Designed Snowflakes, Crochet Snowflakes
Mouse and Christmas Tree 6 in, Crochet toy decor, OOAK, Stuffed Animals, Amigurumi, Made to order
Little Brown SockBear Benjamin, red rollneck sweater plush
Santa Hat with Beard Crochet Pattern
Crochet Pattern for Texture Weave Baby Pants or Shorties - Multiple Sizes - Welcome to sell finished items
White Golden Lace Crochet Christmas Bell Ornaments, Handmade Christmas Home Decor
One Snowflake Christmas pillow cover,  knit cushion cover red, decorative pillow, throw pillow, 16x16 pillow, Christmas pillow

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We hope you have enjoyed this edition of Friday Finds.  Next week’s treasury theme is “Let it snow”. If you have a treasury you would like to submit, just send me or Susan a link via Etsy convo by Thursday afternoon and we will take a look. Remember, if your treasury is featured, we will feature an item from your shop.
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Artist Showcase - Heart Wishez Studio

Welcome to another edition of Artist Showcase.  This week's artist is Vanessa Turnbull.  Her shop is Heart Wishez Studio.  Vanessa makes unique handmade gifts of glass, fiber and paint.

How did you get your start?

All my life I have loved drawing and painting. So truthfully, I would say that I got my start as soon as a crayon was placed in my hand!!

Primarily self taught, with no further instruction than what I was taught in primary and high school I have loved to explore different medias. To date my most favorite are acrylic paint, glass and fiber. My latest foray is into glass and stone mosaics!

Where do you get your inspiration?

Being in nature and observing the beauty and variation in the mood of the weather and the sky has a huge influence on my work. I love all the seasons, and all changes in weather...wind, rain, snow, sun and how these all impact upon the landscape! Combined with my imagination, beautiful scenes form within my mind that must find expression in my work!

What has been your biggest successful moment so far?

Being invited to participate in Art Walks in the Rocky Mountain in western Canada, i.e. British Columbia, I so enjoyed having a coffee in the cafes where my art was displayed, listening to the fascinating perceptions of my pieces. People see things in my work that I did not even realize were there! It was a wonderful and inspired realization!

What challenges do you face selling online?

The challenges I have are that my pieces are not seen in their full dimension and texture. It is like when I used to see Van Gogh's work in prints...I was not that impressed. When, however, I had the blessed fortune of seeing some of his pieces in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg...I was absolutely enthralled!!!! The thickness of the paint, the texture of the work was seen in it's full glory!!! When people see my hand hooked tapestries in person, the first thing that they do is reach out and touch them. So far I have not been able to provide this experience for people viewing my work on a computer monitor! ;)

What advice would you give someone just starting out on Etsy?

The advice that I would to grow and evolve with the changing promotion techniques on Etsy. Read the blogs, read the forums and join teams!! Having a community and connecting with others to cross promote is essential!! Also be prepared for the long may take some time to develop a presence. The key is to do your best to suspend expectations...and to keep plugging away. Ultimately it will pay off!
You can see more of Heart Wishez Studio here:
Thank you Vanessa for sharing your story and your lovely items with us.  Next week we'll select another Etsy artist to feature.  If you would like to be considered, just drop Zoica or me a note via etsy convo.
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