Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to make a reversible hobo bag

Before the summer is over, I would like to share with you a fun sewing project. I will show you how to make a reversible hobo bag, using 1.25 yards of 2 different types of heavy cotton fabrics in 46” width. If you have only 1 yard, you can cut the strap in two pattern pieces and still use it too.
The bag is unique because has side pockets( total of 4) which you can use at one time for your phone, bottle of water, baby bottle, etc.
 I used a black/white print fabric from Ikea for one side and a denim for the other side.
There are only 3 pattern pieces: Body (pattern1) Strap/side/bottom (Pattern 2) and pockets .Here are the steps:
1. Cut both fabrics, including pockets.

2. Fabric A. Sew the Pattern #2 Strap/Bottom together at the widest point. Press seams open. Now you have the straps and bottom of bag.
 3. Serge all 4 pockets edges and sew the top edge by turning it 1”. Press( with iron) the seam allowances of the other 3 sides by folding them towards the wrong side.

4. Sew Fabric A pockets on each side of straps 1.5” bellow the top edge level of bag.
5. Pin the body (Pattern #1) of one side of bag by matching the notch on the bag with the seam of the bottom of bag. Sew it all around slowly at curve ( you have pined a straight seam with a curved one and need to end up with a curved seam).

6. Pinned and sew the other side of the bag’s body.
7. Press all seams open and clip at curve to release tension.

8. Fabric B. Repeat steps from Fabric A.

9. Sew the ends at top of straps together on each bag. Press the seams open.

 10. Position one bag inside the other by placing right side to right side of both fabrics. Sew the fabric A to fabric B around one side of the opening only, all the way to the straps going full circle. Use the two matching threads. Press the seam open.

NEXT STEP IS IMPORTANT but helps you not to sew it twisted, so it would turn out properly.

 11. Turn the bag right side out so you have right side of the fabric outside and inside as well. Fold the unfinished edge in the middle area of the bag( seam allowance width)by holding the two unsewn edges of fabric right side to right side and the tab sandwiched in the middle. While holding this edge place a pin on the wrong side through both layers. Turn the bag inside out gently so you do not lose the pin. Pin the rest of the edge. (If you do not use the tabs, still turn the seam allowance and hold the edges by hand while turning the bag inside out).
12. Sew this last edge, by leaving around 4”-5"unsewn hole around the wider area of the bag( before you reach the straps, because it would be too narrow and very hard to pull it through if your fabric is heavy) so you can flip it. Press seams open, while is still not flipped.

13. This is a bit tricky, but not hard :). Pull the whole bag slowly through the opening that you left. Fold(tuck inside) the seam allowance of the area that you left open and press it with the iron in place. Close this opening by sewing an edge stitch (really close to the edge) with matching threads.

14. Complete the bag by adding an edge stitch to both sides of the bag’s opening.


I hope you found it easy to  make. The pattern is available in my shop.
Thank you for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Do you have a pattern for this bag or the measurements for the pieces ? I really like this style and would love to make one. Thanks

susan q said...

is the strap long enough to go crossbody?

shadowalice27 said...

I went to the 'shop' and didn't find a pattern.

Anonymous said...

I can’t find the pattern either, can you direct me please? Thank you!