Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to make your own sarong wrap

     July is already here, and if we are not heading to the beach, the pool is always a great idea. Wearing a sarong simplifies dressing and covering up while offering a fashionable look. A sarong wrap also gives you dress options because you can turn it into a dress or a skirt really fast, and wear it the way you feel comfortable that day.
     There are many styles out there, and you can use just a rectangle fabric and tie it with flare. To make my sarong I used three patterns: left side, right side and a back.The back is shaped at waist with two darts. The right panel( which becomes front) has an extension at the end and the left panel( which will be the under-side front) has a sewn tie, allowing for wrapping around your waist, going through a side opening, and tying at the side. When used as a dress, the long tie allows for good wrap around the neck.

Here is the sarong:

Measurements for a Small/Medium size:
Back panel: 15” wide after sewing 2 darts of 1.5” each.
Left panel: 11”( add a sewn tie of 2”x 33”)
Right panel: 28” to the end of tie. This panel is also shaped to be only 12.5” wide at the hem.
The sarong is 33” long, so it would come to your calf if worn as skirt, and to your thigh if is worn as a dress.
Happy sewing!

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