Friday, April 18, 2014

Patterns and Samples

As promised, this week I have some pictures of samples along with the patterns and they are still simple tops created by manipulating or replacing darts.

 The first one has two asymmetrical darts. We had to work a little bit more with the first one dart pattern and being an asymmetrical design, this time we had to use the whole front pattern.

 First, we had to turn it into a two dart pattern through slash and spread method. We placed the darts on armhole and drew the lines for the two new ones. We then close them and opened the new ones at one side seam/waistline area. The pattern ended up looking like this:

 And here is the finished muslin from this pattern. Change the neck, lower the armhole add some ease and you have a cute top! Don't forget to make the facings.

  The second design is just a flared top with a soft V neckline. It would work well for a cropped top, to be worn with a camisole underneath. We canceled the dart, and opened it another 2 more inches. We also added 2 inches to the side seam. Here is how the pattern ended up looking:

  This sample should have been made out of muslin but the student had some scrap fabric and made it look wearable. It’s still some work to do on the pattern’s armhole and to decide the amount of flare, but for the first try is not bad. It ended up looking like this:

That is it for now. Next week we have another example of garments with dart equivalents. It would have an empire waist. Stay tuned!
Until next time...

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