Saturday, June 8, 2013

How to Decoupage (continued)

I couldn't find a stand for my mannequin that I decoupaged last week so I ordered a dress form and a stand from  Here's what the mannequin looked like when I received it.

What I liked about it (besides the price - it was only $70) was the stand.  The dress form was padded and covered.  I removed the fabric.  The foam was glued down so it was difficult to remove in some places.  I used a sanding block to remove the foam that was stuck to the form. The body was fiberglass which was not difficult to decoupage.  However, looking back I should have given her a coat of spray primer.

And here is the finished project:
Once again, the graphics are from The Graphics Fairy.
What do you think?  I think I'm done with mannequins for a while! Although I still have to think of something to do with the first one.  Maybe a lamp... :)
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Three Birds Inspired said...

Very nice. I actually have a foam covered mannequin and I didn't ever even THINK about stripping the foam off. I am inspired now!

I use mine to display scarves that I make. Her foam was so ugly I bought her a lovely Ralph Lauren cable turtleneck sweater to wear!

Did you use any kind of solvent to facilitate the foam removal?

Anonymous said...

What a delight your mannequin is (via The Graphics Fairy).

Sumaya at Evocative Vintage said...

I love your mannequin. I love mannequins period. You did a great job!:)

I would love you to check out my decoupaged mannequin here:

Susan said...

Hi Suzan,

No, I used a sanding block to get the stubborn bits of foam off. I just wish I had sprayed a coat of primer before I started decoupaging. It was a fun project though!


Susan said...

Hi Sumaya,

Hi Sumaya,

I love what you did to your mannequin. I especially like how you repurposed the old wooden hat stand. I have another mannequin that is sitting on the floor that I am looking for a base. Hadn't thought about an old hat stand!

Thanks, Susan