Monday, July 29, 2013

Button Art Tutorial - How to create a monogram button pillow

Ever wonder how people make those beautiful button pillows?  After admiring all the beautiful button art I found on Pinterest, I decided to try my hand at making my own pillow.

Here is my granddaughter holding the finished product.

I'm sure there is more than one way to do this, but here is my step by step tutorial.

Pillow Insert
Glue (optional)

The first step is to cut out your pillow.  Just add one inch to the size of your pillow form.  My pillow form was 14" so I cut two squares 15" each.

Next step is to decide on the letter and play around on your computer and find a font that you like.  I used simple "Times New Roman."

Next trace the letter on your fabric.  Be sure to go lightly.

Next start laying out your buttons.  A mix of colors and sizes is a good idea.  Note that I originally purchased 3 different packages but had to go and purchase a 4th package of extra small buttons to cover my pencil marks.


I started out using the glue dots but found that when I started to sew the buttons in place the glue just got in the way.  I found it easier to refer to my picture as I went around the A.

Here is the pillow front with buttons all sewn (with the exception of the little ones).


Iron the back side of the fabric and put the two pieces of fabric together to make your pillow.  Make sure you leave an opening on one side to slide your pillow form in.  I recommend that you round the corners so that your pillow does not have pointy corners.

Trim the corners, turn right side out, stuff your pillow and then sew the seam shut and Voila there you have it!  A cute little pillow for a sweet little girl!

All in all it took about half a day to make and I have plenty of buttons to make another!  Maybe I'll tackle some wall art next time.  I'm thinking I can use hot glue!!!
If you've ever tried this, feel free to share.
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