Sunday, October 6, 2013

DIY - How to Make a Memo Board

A memo board or French memo board is a board for collecting pictures, cards, and other mementos.  It’s an easy project that you can tackle in a weekend.  All you need is some fabric, ribbon, buttons, foam board or wood, batting, and a frame (optional).  If you can sew a button and staple, you can make a memo board.

Here is a list of the supplies I used:

  • Foam board cut to size
  • Recycled frame
  • Stapler
  • Duct tape
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons (I used the kind you cover)

Step One: 

Cut the foam board or wood to fit your frame. 

Cover your board with batting.  I used two layers because it was fairly thin.

Iron your fabric and cover your board.  Staple it to the back.  Make sure you work in the corners.  You don’t want the corners too thick.  Then you can cover everything with duct tape.

Step Two:

Lay out your ribbon.  This took the longest time for me to decide how many rows I was going to use.  There is no right or wrong here.  Just go with what looks good to you. 

I pinned them in place.

If you have used wood, you can staple them.  If you used foam board, you will probably need to sew them in place,  although you can staple the back.  Again I used duct tape.
Step Three:
Cover your buttons if you chose this kind. 
Sew buttons in place.

Step Four:

Place in frame.  I added another piece of cardboard to the back of frame and again used duct tape to keep everything in place.

Step Five:


Hang on the wall.  Enjoy!

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