Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to make Holiday coasters

Textiles always inspire me and today I am going to share with you another coasters project. This time they are made out of felt! I was planning to make felt flowers to adorn a T-shirt and they did not come all right, so I gave up. Looking through a “Bon Appetit” magazine I saw the well-recognized Holiday cookie in a form of a star and red filling inside.. Yummy. So don’t be too critical, since these are my first try… You can select any felt color combinations you wish, but his is what I had. I stopped after I made two coasters and I think you should make at least four and have a set. You would need to make a pattern for the coaster's star shape, and the inside shape.

On the top layer, cut the outline star pattern and the star inside.

Cut only the outline of the coaster for the bottom layer.

Stitch the outside edge first to secure the layers in place and then the inside one. They would look great with a hand stitch like a backstitch, but I did not have time and I used a machine zig-zag instead.

Have fun! A set of coasters would make great gifts too!
Let me know what you think.

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