Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Zibbet Pledges Handmade

Zibbet is the new marketplace to buy unique handmade items directly from the maker.  While Etsy is branching out to include manufactured goods, Zibbet has pledged to only sell handmade.  Zibbet encourages handmade artisans and crafters to ‘take the pledge’ in support of individual handmade, fine art, vintage and supply sellers.  Many Etsy sellers have taken the Zibbet Pledge.  Have you taken the pledge?

While Zibbet is not as popular as Etsy, I think that will change in the future and I for one want to be a part of it.  I recently opened a second store at Zibbet.  You can see my items here:  You  will find calendars, typography prints, as well as beautiful prints and posters perfect for your home, nursery and kid's room decor.  Here is one of my items:

I invite you to visit my store.  For the time being, I am offering 10% off all items.
I would like to share some other Zibbet shops with you.

Leonie Tucker from Mizzez tee offers some beautiful handmade pillows.  Here is one in a beautiful damask pattern:

Kim Pandina from Panda Wear offers unique jewelry designs at affordable prices.  Here is one of Kim's beautiful items:

Linda Hoffman from Keeping it natural offers high quality, affordable mineral cosmetics using natural ingredients.  Here is one of Linda's items:
Have you checked out Zibbet yet?

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