Friday, February 22, 2013

More color...

     Since we cannot talk about fashion without using color, here is a window display project based on the color wheel. This was a project that my visual merchandising students loved doing it.  They had to pick one color scheme based on the color wheel and set up a window display.
     A popular choice was the triad, which is made out of three hues equidistant form each other on the color wheel. The triad is popular because is more playful than complimentary color schemes and more exciting than monochromatic ones. In our case: orange, purple and green, three powerful secondary colors. Here is the picture:

The monochromatic display is still playful, and the one below has the focus on tints and shades of yellow.

      Next time when you pass a window display, see if you can guess the theme behind it. Can you guess the pattern? Can you see the color relationships?

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