Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Meaning of Color

Today’s blog will discuss the meaning of red, blue, and yellow, otherwise known as the primary colors.


Did you know that red…
·         stimulates the appetite
·         raises blood pressure
·         stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing 
·         attract attention, creates excitement, takes control
·         is forceful, bold, extreme, aggressive
·         is a good accent color
Red is a good choice for dining rooms.  Use it sparingly in decorating  or you may not be able to relax!


Did you know that blue…
·         is associated with fashion trends
·         is a symbol of trust and longevity
·         is refreshing, soothing, calm, dependable
·         causes the body to produce calming chemicals
·         slows metabolism, lowers blood pressure
·         decreases heartburn and indigestion
·         is the most popular color in the U.S.
·         can be perceived as depressing and gloomy if overused
Blue is a good choice for the bedroom but not so good for dining rooms unless you want to lose weight!


Did you know that yellow…
·         is an attention getter
·         stimulates the memory
·         is optimistic and cheerful
·         speeds metabolism
·         aids digestion, stimulates circulation, frustration, and caution
·         people lose their temper more often in yellow rooms; babies cry more
Use yellow sparingly in children’s rooms unless you want to hear them cry!
Tomorrow I’ll talk about the meaning of the secondary colors.
Until then…



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