Monday, April 1, 2013

DIY art project

     This is an easy project, which you can accomplish without taking any art classes.
If you have a girl room that needs a small wall art , or a tight small space, this simple and unique art piece is not hard or expensive to make, and you’ll have an original on your wall. I selected blue for background, but if you want to match a room’s décor, pick your own color.
Start with a purchased canvas, size 8”x8”. I got mine at Michaels, but Jo-Ann and Hobby-Lobby have them too. It is called: “Gallery Wrapped Traditional Canvas” by Artist’s Loft. Here is the picture:


My paint is acrylic,  Cerulean Blue, same brand as the canvas. You need  a couple of colors for the stems, a white and a soft green for the flowers, and a medium brush as well.
Cover the whole background with paint, and wait for it to dry. I did not have time to go further, so my background stayed overnight.
Here it is:

Before you start painting the stems, decide what design you want on a piece of paper, and when you are ready, just paint them with the tip off a brush.
With a sponge or even a thick paper towel, create the flower buds.
Here is my image:

When all is dry, cut some strips of felt fabric ( like peeling an apple) and create the 3D flowers. You can experiment with different fabrics as well.
Glue them on the canvas, and voila! You have an original!
Good luck!

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