Monday, December 30, 2013

Artist Spotlight Zoica Matei from Zoia

   Welcome to another edition of Artist Showcase. Today I am going to tell you a little bit about me and how I got my start on Etsy. My name is Zoica Miesen, I have a business called Zoica Matei and an Etsy shop named Zoia. I always loved drawing and sketching and I used to illustrate as a fashion designer for apparel and bridal. Later, as a fashion design teacher I experimented with different techniques and started to draw again outside of class, this time to convey a message or an emotion. Here is one of my prints inspired by Paris travels:
                                                         Paris Fashion Illustration

   I found Etsy in 2007 and immediately singed up for an account. I was amazed by the number of creative people found in one place! I was a buyer at first and later I start selling my eco-friendly garments. Since spring 2013 I moved on to create hand drawn illustrations, while having just a few fashion items in my shop, like apparel, accessories, and patterns.

                                                           The Mysterious Woman

   Because I love everything that relates to fashion, beauty and brides, my creations are a reflection of that love. I have a soft spot for bridal designs and enjoy doing custom wedding gown sketches. I also like creating illustrations that have an emotional message linked to them and reach beyond the pure beauty.

                                                       Custom Wedding Dress Sketch

   I love to make my customers happy and always like to see them returning. You called it success when a customer is taking the time to write you a note, gives you a great review, or sends you pictures with your creation.

                                                           The Little Black Dress

   There are also challenges selling on Etsy, a marketplace that has grown significantly since 2007 when I started. You need to be keener in advertising, in using the right social media, and presenting your product in a competitive way. The titles, images, descriptions, and tags are only part of helping your business succeed, and selling in a competitive market like Etsy involves so much more than that! There is always the visibility challenge and a new seller on Etsy needs to study all the rules of the marketplace before starting, but also to have a plan to promote the business and be consistent on doing it.

                                                             Vogue Cover Art Print

 Because in 2013 I changed directions from offering apparel to offering art prints and originals, my advice is to plan everything carefully: shop title, categories, and making sure the shop is cohesive. If the shop is not cohesive opening a second shop should be considered.

                                                     Red Dress Fashion Illustration

 This wraps up another edition of Artist Spotlight. This column is offered every Monday and we’re always looking for artists to spotlight. So, if you are interested or know someone that we would enjoy reading about please pass on the information.
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