Monday, April 27, 2015

Featured Artist-Jenn Stuhl from GloryGift

This week we are featuring a talented jewelry artist Jenn Stuhl from GloryGift. Jenn makes individually hand crafted jewelry pieces to cherish and celebrate the special times in life.

 •Tell us a little about yourself and your creative business.
 Glory Gift makes handmade beaded jewelry. Our main focus is Boho leather wrap bracelets and cuffs, wire crochet necklaces for weddings and hand knit wire cuffs for customers. Our jewelry is perfect for an individual who likes to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece through custom orders for personal wear or gifting to a loved one. We personally walk our customers through start to finish process of creating unique, fresh, heirloom quality pieces.

  •How did you get your start?
 My life was forever changed in an instant! While on a family trip to California a few years ago, I entered a small bead shop. The jewelry pieces were such intricate works of ART. I took pictures of so many (that is all I could afford). I asked a few questions to the owner and went home to immerse myself to learn a new style of jewelry expression and make it my own. I started dabbling and after making a few necklaces, I would wear them out to different places. People would stop me cold in my tracks and ask, "where I got them" and a business was born.

  • What challenges do you face selling online?
It is very challenging to keep prices attainable with cost of running a shop online. There are always costs. Such as relistings, listing, shipping, cost of materials and always your time involved. Another challenge is getting pictures that are breathtaking. This is always a learning process and each discovery in the process takes time but develops skill in the long run. Lastly, it is a challenge and delight to feature other artisans. This is a challenge with a HUGE blessing. When you take the light off yourself, you see how dazzling others are (to fun)! I have been with a team of artisans for a few years and I just love them. They make every day fun and we together enjoy the journey. One of my teams that I am very involved in is Tagt Team on Etsy. The leadership is knowledgeable and fellow crafters are fantastically gifted.

 •What advice would you give someone just starting out on Etsy? Love what you make! Go the extra mile for your customers and always be looking for ways to factor in quality and unique touches of handmade wonder. It has been a pleasure sharing from our five year involvement on Etsy. It is an incredible venue to share our artisanship. We hope you have been blessed by walking through our shop door and sharing our magic. Jenn

Thank you Jenn Stuhl for sharing your story with us! Next week we'll select another Etsy artist to showcase. If you would like to be considered, just drop me or Susan a note via Etsy convo. Thanks for stopping by... Until next time, Zoica

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